Toyota GR HV to steal the show at the Tokyo Motor Show

Toyota GR HV to steal the show at the Tokyo Motor Show

The sports cars market is becoming more dynamic as manufacturers are seen launching new variants every now and then. While market leaders like Ferrari are seen maintaining their sheen, manufacturers of affordable sports cars are vehemently fighting competition by launching low-cost options or by adorning existing models with more style and luxury. Toyota has now jumped on the bandwagon to relaunch a range of sleek and stylish cars in the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.  Toyota GR HV is one of these cars and the conceptual details of this highly anticipated car have been released by the Japanese car maker.

The conceptual details regarding Toyota GR HV reveal that the car’s design is based on the TS050 hybrid race car. This is true as far as the front end and the rear end is concerned. However, experts believe that it is modified version of Toyota 86, the reliable and high-performing sports car of the car maker. Besides the TS050-inspired hybrid system, the GR HV is to get a targa top which looks very trendy. The engine will be located in the front, the battery in the middle and the in the rear.

Currently, the engine details are not available and we can only assume that the hybrid engine will be delivering more power than the 205 hp that drives Toyota 86. Moreover, GR HV’s top speed will easily surpass 136 mph. What makes the GR HV eye-catching is its futuristic design that makes it look like a true racing car.  More interesting features are packed inside the cabin that offers a push-button automatic transmission system. However, drivers who are comfortable to use the manual transmission system can use the six-speed H-pattern shifter for their convenience.

Toyota has claimed that the GR HV will prove to be fuel efficient even though it deployed a racing car technology because it is an environment-friendly car.  The Toyota GR HV has piqued interests and we will have to wait till the model is unveiled at the upcoming Tokyo motor show.

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