Hyundai enters the small SUV market by launching the bold and stylish Kona

Hyundai enters the small SUV market by launching the bold and stylish Kona

Out of all the segments in the car market, the small SUV market is seen picking up pace. The current competition is seeing car makers churning out compact cars that couple practical design with fun and excitement. Recently, Hyundai entered the compact SUV market by launching the all-new Kona. Clearly, Hyundai’s aim to capture a fair share of the market that is already dominated by cars like Nissan JUKE, Suzuki Vitara, Renault Captur and Seat Arona.

At first look, the Hyundai Kona appears bold and flamboyantly styled.  However, it uses more conventional technology and accessories under the hood and in the interiors. The Kona that will be introduced in the American markets will be delivered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. The car’s top speed is  121 mph and it takes 10 seconds for the vehicle to speed up from 0-62 mph. Customers in overseas markets can choose between two engine versions while buying Kona. The first one is the 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine and the second one is the 1.6-litre four-cylinder engine. 

The car offers a comfortable driving experience and the AWD as well as FWD version has different rear suspensions. Despite the positives, Kona lets it customers down with regard to the interiors. The rear-seat space is not big enough and an adult will find it difficult to sit comfortable for long hours. Secondly, the material that is used for interior finishing may not be perceived as upscale. Customers are not expected to compromise on quality even if the estimated price of the car is around $19,000.

Overall, the Kona is a car that will mainly appeal to customers who prefer style over space. However, the car may not attract practical-minded and price-sensitive customers who wish to have more space. There are a number of small cars in the market that are roomy and spacious.  The Kona will need to deliver more than style if it needs to change the market dynamics.  

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