Mazda Kai concept previews the highly fuel-efficient 2019 Mazda 3

Mazda Kai concept previews the highly fuel-efficient 2019 Mazda 3

The ever increasing competition in the car market has galvanized global auto manufacturers into action and almost every car company is striving to position itself in a unique way. Usually, a car maker’s sales pitch focuses on how vehicle’s performance and styling is superior to its rival counterparts. Very rarely will we find a car maker who adopts an unusual marketing strategy that gives its car model a definite competitive advantage. Mazda has dared its rivals by showcasing the environment-friendly Mazda Kai concept at the recent Tokyo Auto Show.

The Mazda Kai concept is actually the upcoming model of the 2019 Mazda 3 car that promises to adhere to the strictest emission standards. Moreover, the car will be one of the most fuel efficient cars available in the market. The car will be equipped with the new Skyactiv-X gasoline engine that uses combustion injection technology for improving efficiency. The groundbreaking petrol engine will be 30% more fuel-efficient than standard engines. Moreover, the engine is touted to deliver 30% more torque.

The Kai concept car clearly revealed that Mazda has adopted a minimalistic approach that is in contrast with the one adopted by its rivals. The Skyactiv-X architecture is in line with Mazda’s strategy to manufacture cars that will have 50% less carbon-dioxide emissions than its 2010 car models. Mazda aims to achieve this goal by 2030 and it will definitely give the company a competitive edge because major developed nations are planning to phase out vehicles that do not comply with emission standards.

Mazda believes that the Skyactive-X engine will deliver more fuel economy than electric cars and this calim might perturb electric car makers like Tesla.  It might be challenging for Mazda to take the electric car head on because the electric car concept is gaining popularity even major gulf cities like Dubai.  However, Mazda’s leadership is least worried about these developments as its engineers claim that the economical Skyactive-X engine offers the best of petrol and diesel engines.

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