Honda unveils a Sports EV concept as it strengthens foothold in electric car market

Honda unveils a Sports EV concept as it strengthens foothold in electric car market

Honda is the latest company to join the elite group of car makers who have begun manufacturing and marketing electric car. Strict environmental regulations of key markets have prompted various car companies to take steps for adopting a future that will be dominated by electric cars.  Recently, Honda unveiled the Urban EV concept car at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The concept car had a retro design and it will be put into production only for the European markets.

More recently, Honda showcased the Honda Sports EV concept at the Tokyo Motor Show. The Sports EV also wears the 60’s look but the concept car will not be manufactured anytime soon. Officials from Honda commented that the production will take place only when the European market responds favorably to the Honda Urban EV.

Honda officials also added that the design is yet to be approved by the board and there is a possibility that the current design might undergo some tweaks. As of now, the Sports EV shares the Urban EV’s headlights, taillights, dashboard as well as the interiors.  The only difference in the design is that the rear seats are replaced by bucket seats found in a typical sports car. The model has a typical car-silhouette shape with curves that bend gracefully. Moreover, it has a friendly look which means that the design will appeal to customers who prefer practicality over flashy style.

The Honda Sports EV can be considered as a successor to Honda NSX, the first gasoline-electric hybrid sports car.  Honda has always strived to design tech-savvy cars and its entry into the electric car market gives it an opportunity to realize a carbon-free society.  The Sports EV will prove to be a big hit in Dubai considering the fact that the Emirati people love luxury cars and due to the reason that the popularity of electric cars has just begun to rise.  But it will take some years before we can see the Sports EV concept turn into a reality.

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