The Toyota Crown concept showcases an advanced vehicle connectivity framework

The Toyota Crown concept showcases an advanced vehicle connectivity framework

The Japanese love for convenient cars is well known and the word ‘convenience’ has a number of connotations for the Japanese customer. Besides offering comfort, a typical Japanese convenient car also focuses on making use of technology to make the driving experience safe and enjoyable. Taking cues from the market, Toyota has beefed up the Toyota Crown with advanced communications systems that will enhance drive engagement, safety and comfort.  Recently, Toyota previewed the next-generation of its flagship sedan at the Tokyo Motor Show when it unveiled the sporty Toyota Crown concept car.

First launched in 1955, the new-generation of Toyota Crown will be built on Toyota’s New Global Architecture (TNGA) that promises to deliver better performance and greater fuel efficiency.  The upcoming models of Toyota Crown will be equipped with sophisticated Data Communication Modules (DCM) that enables the drivers to share and receive traffic updates with other vehicles that are also equipped with DCM.

Toyota’s vehicle connectivity framework will form the Internet of Things (IoT) that will be controlled by the Toyota Big Data Center (TBDC). Besides increasing security, the vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) systems will provide benefits like traffic management, driver assistance and route optimization. This means that Toyota Crown owners need not worry about the inconvenience caused by traffic snarls.

Considering the features and benefits it provides, it can be said that the Toyota Crown will continue to remain popular in Japanese as well as other Asian markets.  The car wasn’t much popular in the USA or the Middle East.  In fact, customers looking for cheap sedans usually prefer to buy old Toyota Crown models in the resale market. Even in cities like Dubai, customers will prefer to spend more dirhams to buy trendy and popular luxury cars.  Toyota Crown’s sophisticated electronics is its key selling point and the advanced IoT technology may enable the car to penetrate other global markets

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