Subaru Viviz concept previews the next-generation WRX at Tokyo Motor Show

Subaru Viviz concept previews the next-generation WRX at Tokyo Motor Show

Subaru WRX is one of the popular sports sedans whose design was inspired by World Rally Championship. The car is in its fourth-generation and the 2018 WRX as well as WRX STI receives a minor facelift with new fascias. Despite the updates, the car is not designed on the Subaru Global Platform that forms the framework of the redesigned 2017 Impreza sedan. However, the details of Subaru VIVIZ that was previewed at the recent Tokyo Motor Show reveal that the upcoming generation of the Subaru WRX will be based on the advanced platform.

The name VIVIZ is inspired by the phrase ‘Vision for Innovation’ and it is equipped with sophisticated automated driving technologies that include ‘EyeSight’ driver assist systems. On the design front, the VIVIZ has design that is bolder than that of the current WRX version. The bold look is due to the ‘hawkeyed’ headlights that are on either side of a 3-D front grille and the glimpse of the exhaust outlet in the rear bumper.

The length, width and height of the Subaru VIVIZ is 182.3 inches, 76.8 inches and 56.3 inches respectively. Moreover, its wheelbase is fully 3.2 inches longer than the 2018 model of Subaru WRX’s. The design reveals that rear-seat passengers are bound to get more room and comfort. Subaru VIVIZ might appeal to enthusiasts who love to enjoy the feel of driving a simulated racing car but the car will need to be boosted by at least 400 bhp for taking on its competitors like Mercedes CLA, Audi RS3 and Ford Focus.

The car’s power ratings are not available and so it appears that its semiautonomous platform will prove its true advantage. The new system will prove beneficial in highway driving because of the automated assistance provided during lane changing and steering around curves. The features will definitely delight customers in the Middle East and especially Dubai where the car maker has one of the most loyal customer-base.

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