BMW unveils the specifications of the highly anticipated X2

BMW unveils the specifications of the highly anticipated X2

BMW has always dominated the market due its capability of identifying unique market niches. This capability became very evident when the German car-maker launched its X-series of ‘sports activity coupes’ (SAC); a term that was coined by BMW.  BMW realized that there is a large customer segment that craves to buy cars that aren’t as big as a SUV and not as small as a compact car.

Till date, BMW has launched X1, X3, X4, X5 and X6 in the SAC product line. Now, BMW has unveiled the upcoming 2018 BMW X2 that fills in the gap in the X-model product line. The X2 concept was initially showcased at the 201 Paris Motor show and now its specifications have also been released.

The X2 car models will be available in diesel as well as petrol engines. Later, a hybrid version of the car will also be available. The diesel variant will have 2.0-litre diesel engine that provides 228 hp for boosting the car to a top speed of 137 mph. Moreover, the engine enables the car to scale up from 0-62 mph in just 6.7 seconds. In future, the car will also come equipped with a super-fast M-badged diesel engine.

BMW X2’s design is based on the M-sport model and the car also has a glass roof.  The stylish wheel arches and the side skirts make the car look sporty and luxurious. Moreover, the car comes with BMW’s all-wheel drive system which is very popular as it is considered that best all-wheel drive traction.  Additionally, the X2 is equipped with a Wi-Fi hotspot system and wireless mobile charger system. The mobile phone can also be connected to Apple CarPlay.

BMW has always led the luxury car market in the Middle East and the Emirati market has always contributed to 50% of its sales. Currently, the price details are not available but Emiratis in Dubai can expect the starting price to be   approximately a little more than 175,000 AED.

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