Infiniti and AMS join forces to power up the upcoming Infiniti Q60 Red Alpha

Infiniti and AMS join forces to power up the upcoming Infiniti Q60 Red Alpha

Recently, the Infiniti’s Q50 and Q60 Red Sport 400 models received rave reviews for delivering an altogether new level of luxury that elevates the driving experience. More particularly, it was the sports sedans’ thundering Bose system and their luxuriously cozy interiors that had garnered attention.

However, the sedan also drew flak for its 400 hp twin-turbo V-6 engine that is perceived to less powerful.  It appears that Infiniti is willing to overcome the drawbacks because it showcased the Infiniti Q60 Red Alpha concept, an improved version of Q50 and Q60, at the recent SEMA car show at Las Vegas.

Infiniti has developed the Q60 Red Alpha concept car along with the help of Chicago-based AMS performance. The car retains the same engine that is found in the Q60 and the only difference is that AMS engineers have fitted the car with their systems like the intercooler, exhaust, intake as well as ECU calibration. AMS has also equipped a heat exchanger in the tank along with a custom radiator overflow.

The engineers have also tuned the engine to deliver to increase the power by 19 percent and to also improve the torque output by 29 percent. Infiniti claims that the car will deliver about 410 whp and it is estimated that the model will be driven with 476 hp.

Infiniti has not only improved its performance but also enhanced the visual style by adding a new carbon-fiber wing that is adjustable. Moreover, the car painted in red matte-finish and it also has Bogart Racing wheels that are fitted with Mickey Thompson drag-racing tires. The interior will have a harness bar as well as two bucket seats made from Spartan carbon-fiber.

Currently, the production details as well as the pricing details with regard to the car are not known.  Infiniti is steadily growing its market share in Dubai and the Q60 Red Sport is a popular model that is fun to ride.  The Q60 Red Alpha car is all that Infinity might need to increase its foothold in Dubai and other Gulf markets.

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