Audi plans to flood the car market with 17 launches in 2018

Audi plans to flood the car market with 17 launches in 2018

Media reports confirm that Audi is planning to launch a grand offensive in 2018. Competition in the car industry is getting intense and every car maker is adopting an aggressive stance to tap the potential of every niche and segment. Audi has always enjoyed the reputation of being one of the most successful car makers in the luxury car segment. However, it has achieved much success in overthrowing Mercedes and BMW from their respective positions. 

In an attempt to change the status quo, Audi will be introducing a new car model after every three weeks in 2018. This means that about 17 new cars are going to be launched in the coming year.  It is speculated that Audi will be extending its existing product lines rather than launching new products. Audi had already revealed its plans to launch the Q8 car model that will be positioned in the ultra luxury segment.  The enhanced Audi e-tron, the electric SUV, will be further added to the luxury SUV product line.

There is also a high probability of the launch of RS Q5 later in 2018 as Audi Sport had already made an announcement regarding the launch. Also in line are the next-generation A6 and an enhanced SQ2 that will be launched in the sedan as well as the crossover SUV segments respectively.

We can also look forward to the launch of the SEAT-built A1 that will be built in SEAT’s Martorell plant. A camouflaged version of an upgraded R8 has also been spotted and hence the latest R8 model will soon be rolling in 2018. And car enthusiasts should not be surprised if Audi launches another version of the Audi R8 RWS supercar.

Audi’s product proliferation will be specifically catering to promising and rapidly growing markets like the Middle East. Audi has always been optimistic about the Middle East and it plans to double its UAE sales figures on the basis of the demand in the Dubai market.

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