Kia showcases sportier versions of the Stinger GT at SEMA

Kia showcases sportier versions of the Stinger GT at SEMA

Kia has always been as cost leader when it comes to the car market. The car maker has even dared to challenge top luxury brands like the BMW and Audi for stealing a chunk of lucrative market share.  In an attempt to achieve its goal, Kia has also hired former BMW geniuses who have designed stellar vehicles for the Korean brand.  The Stinger GT is one such product that is designed by ex-BMW designers and which can even face an Audi S5 Sportback head-on.

Stinger GT has received excellent reviews from experts who have test driven the vehicle. And Kia is placing big bet on the high-performance grand tourer because the company showcased two modified versions of the Stinger GT at the recently organized SEMA Show in Las Vegas. The two versions have been named as Stinger GT Wide Body and Stinger GT Federation.

 Stinger GT Wide Body dons a carbon fiber aerodynamic body that looks sporty because of the rear diffuser. Additionally, the side skit extensions and a big splitter are other changes that can be seen in the model.

The Stinger GT Federation makes minor improvement to the original Stinger GT without making radical changes. The body style has been given a sportier look due to a bold fascia and a wider stance. Moreover, the large wheels and a large number of vents and cuts have given the car an aggressive look. 

The Middle East has always been a key market for luxury car makers and Kia has made great strides in establishing itself in this market. The company has been hailed as one of the best premium service providers in the region and Kia is aiming to garner more than 20% market share in countries like UAE.  

Currently, the Korean car maker is facing stiff competition from its far-eastern rivals in important markets like Dubai. The introduction of the modified Stingers will be a right move for the car maker to supersede rivals like Hyundai, Mitsubishi and Honda. The car models are sure to pique the interests of Dubai customers who desire nothing more than an enjoyable long distance drive at an economical price.

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