Volkswagen preparing to launch Polo GTI R5 for WRC2 2018 season

Volkswagen preparing to launch Polo GTI R5 for WRC2 2018 season

The premium and economy segments of the hatchback market have long been saturated and car makers like Volkswagen are increasingly focusing on high-performance hatchbacks. Popularly known as ‘hot hatches’, the performance hatchbacks are known to offer a unique and beautiful combination of efficiency, budget and design. Volkswagen’s Polo GT TSI had enabled the German car maker to rule supreme in the hot hatch segment. Even though its position has been challenged by rivals like Fiat, Volkswagen continues to dominate the market thanks to high-performance models like the Polo GTI that delivers 189 hp.

Volkswagen has plans to continue launching new versions of Polo GTI and it has recently released the sketch of the upcoming Polo GTI R5 that can be used in FIA World Rally Championship (WRC). Professional drivers and enthusiastic teams can expect the rally version to be released later in 2018. Volkswagen is no longer involved in the sporting event and it pulled out of the Rally Championship. However, its departure from motor sports hasn’t stopped Volkswagen from making cars that appeal to the sporting community.

François-Xavier Demaison, Volkswagen’s Motorsport’s key director, is the main boss who is overlooking the development of the Polo GTI R5. The project team will be thoroughly testing the car on various demanding tracks around the world. The Polo GTI R5 will have a four-cylinder turbocharged engine that runs on petrol. Moreover, the car will have a four-wheel drive along with a five-speed racing transmission system. Volkswagen has also revealed that the vehicle with be equipped with a comprehensive safety package.

If all goes well according to Volkswagen’s plan, we may get to see the Polo GTI R5 in one of the international rallies organized in Dubai. Currently, the Middle East rally Championships are help in Dubai and the Emiratis are pushing hard to convince FIA for allowing them to organize a world event. Considering the growing potential of the market, the upcoming Polo GTI R5  is bound to impress a number of racers in the region.

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