The 5000 hp Devel Sixteen to finally make its debut at the 2017n Dubai Motor Show

The 5000 hp Devel Sixteen to finally make its debut at the 2017n Dubai Motor Show

Racing car enthusiasts have always admired the Bugatti Veyron for delivering speeds that supersede those deliver by Formula One Racing car. So it was natural for everyone to get astounded when it was announced that there did exist a super sportscar that could deliver speeds up to 560 kph.

The announcement was made in 2013 at the Dubai Motor Show when Rashid Al-Attar, the Vice President of Dubai-based Defining Extreme Vehicles Car Industry, unveiled the prototype of Devel Sixteen with a tall claim that the supercar is going to be equipped with an engine that can deliver 5000 hp. The power is delivered by a US-based Quad-Turbo, 12.3-Liter V16 engine that makes the car race from 0-60 mph in just 1.8 seconds. In normal mode, the car runs at 800-900 hp and it takes only a press of a button to wake up the 5000 hp monstrous engine for performing to its fullest.

Even though it hogged the spotlight at the motor show, the Devel Sixteen remained nothing but a memory because the car never went into production. Now it appears that car enthusiasts will get to relive the excitement surrounding the 300mph Devel Sixteen because the car will soon be making its debut at the upcoming Dubai Motor Show that will kickstart from 14th November 2017.

We all know that the Emiratis love cars and that one can find all sorts of cars in the Dubai market. But one never imagined that the Emiratis from Dubai will lead the race in making a car that will even surpass the 1000 hp Bugatti Veyron. The car has been designed to look like an F-15 and it will be equipped with unique aviation-grade tires.   

The car prototype had gained so much popularity in 2013 that even American car enthusiasts travelled all the way to Dubai to catch a glimpse of it at the motor show.  The car as piqued interests once again and it will surely be the center of attention in the upcoming show.

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