Made-To-Order McLaren 720S Coupe bedazzles crowds at the Dubai Motor Show

Made-To-Order McLaren 720S Coupe bedazzles crowds at the Dubai Motor Show

The Dubai Motor Show is one of the most sought after events of the year as car enthusiasts and analysts get to witness the unveiling of upcoming car models and concept cars that have become the talk of the town.  The event highlights some of the most unique cars that are sure to turn heads around.  The current event is seeing McLaren hogging the spotlight because the luxury car maker is showcasing one of its pièce de résistance that has been customized for one its esteemed clients.

An ultra-exclusive one-off model

The customized supercar was built to order by the McLaren Special Operations (MSO) team at its Woking technology center and it is a unique version of the 720S Coupe model.  There was no way that the crowds can neglect the elegant sports car whose polished black body has been given a rich satin look.  It can be said that the black beauty with gold-colored alloy wheels is simply a sight for sore eyes. Its engine is adorned with a 24-carat gold heat shield and the car surely promises a luxurious ride that truly befits a rich Emirati in Dubai.

The defining features

The feature that sets the car apart from the rest of the models is its rear wing that has been etched with an inspirational quote of Bruce McLaren, the company founder. It required an additional 30 hours to etch the quote beautifully in gold. An additional 90 hours were required to fit gold inserts in the cabin. McLaren has generously used carbon fiber components like roof, diffuser, front splitter, rear bumper, front splitter, engine cover and door mirror arms.  The carbon fiber was used as per the needs of the client who also wanted to have carbon inserts in the interiors.

Dubai – A lucrative market for customized McLaren car

UAE has a big market for customized cars and local car service centers in Dubai frequently receive orders for car modification. Recently, the UAE authorities had introduced stringent safety regulations that limited the modification of vehicles. However, the regulations won’t stop Dubai’s rich and famous to spend a fortune for buying a ‘made-to-order McLaren’.

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