Why Ford Focus RS will dominate the hot hatch market?

Why Ford Focus RS will dominate the hot hatch market?

Compact hatchbacks are well-known to have a mass market appeal due to the economy and practicality that they offer. However, the small family car segment tends to quickly saturate and hence dominant players like Ford Focus, Volkswagen Golf and Astra Vauxhaul are often seen to differentiate their market offerings. The Ford Focus RS has always stood apart from the rest of the crowd due its stellar driving experience it offers behind the steering wheel. In fact, the Focus RS is often perceived as a true rally car within the compact hatchback segment. A simple test drive is enough for the car to woo away the customers away from the competitors. Perhaps, it is the powerful engine that plays a far greater role in making this car a driver’s delight.

The engine

The Ford Focus RS is equipped by a tuned down version of Mustang’s 2.3-liter 4- cylinder ecobooster turbo engine that delivers 345 bhp power with a torque of 347 lb-ft.  Moreover, the car is equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission system and an all- wheel-drive system. About 70 percent of the car’s power is transmitted to the rear axle. The car can be operated in four modes, namely normal, sport, track and drift ode. The car has been endowed with additional features like adaptive dampers, launch control and a rear wing

Fuel economy

As per the figures furnished by Ford, the 2017 Focus RS has impressive mileage figures of 35.7 mpg and the CO2 emission rate of 175 gm/kms.  However, the mileage figure may have been obtained when the car was tested under traffic-free circumstances. Practically, the car will have a mileage somewhere in the mid 20’s.


Despite the improvement in performance, the 2017 Ford Focus RS has standard interiors that do not impart a sense of luxury. The interior is toned down and it does not look as stylish as rivals. However, the Focus RS is perceived as a racer car and most customers buy the car solely on its driving performance. The small bucket seats are comfortable enough for long journeys.

The verdict

It is speculated that the 2017 Ford Focus RS will dominate the hot hatchet market. It might not be stylish but it is definitely racier than any its rivals.The Focus RS is quite popular in Dubai and car enthusiasts in Dubai will need to wait for the car’s launch in the UAE.

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