NICB releases the top 10 most stolen cars of 2016

NICB releases the top 10 most stolen cars of 2016

Car companies are often seen installing new and advanced safety features in their cars to attract new buyers. Car safety is one of the key features of a family car and customers are willing to pay more to ensure that their priced possession is safe and secure. However, automated security systems often fail to protect the vehicles from tech-savvy car thieves who are always looking for an opportunity to make their next move. 

Older models frequently targeted

There is a general perception that car thieves usually target premium car models. But the recent reports by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) reveal that old family cars and vintage models are more susceptible to theft because they do not have the requisite safety features installed in them and their parts fetch a high value in the resale market. 

Thefts due to owner’s negligence

The NICB report further highlight the fact that even newer car models are not spared because the targeted customers have failed to act responsibly. These negligent customers often leave their keys or key fobs in the car and shrewd car thieves rarely fail to capitalize on such irresponsible mistakes. 

The 10 most stolen car models

After analysing the 2016 data with regard to stolen cars, the NICB has released the list of top 10 most-stolen cars:
1.    Toyota Camry - 1,113  cars stolen
2.    Nissan Altima - 1,063  cars stolen
3.    Toyota Corolla - 982  cars stolen
4.    Dodge Charger -  945  cars stolen
5.    Ford Fusion - 914  cars stolen
6.    Hyundai Sonata -  887  cars stolen
7.    GMC Sierra - 884  cars stolen
8.    Hyundai Elantra - 832  cars stolen
9.    Ford F-Series - 738  cars stolen
10.    Ford Transit -  669  cars stolen

It is speculated that owners of expensive sports cars and sedans tend to take extra safety precautions while taking care of their much-treasured vehicles. Secondly, it is easier to retitle a stolen car and sell it to a naive buyer in a swashbuckling deal.

Alertness is the key

The NICB list is a real eye-opener for every car owner in other global markets like Dubai . Dubai has reported rising incidents of scams where stolen cars were illegally exported to other countries. Customers need to remaining alert more than ever as fortune has always favoured the prepared minds. 

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