Lamborghini Urus launched as the fastest SUV in the market

Lamborghini Urus launched as the fastest SUV in the market

Lamborghini has been always admired as a leading manufacturer of luxury sports cars. Its excellent brand reputation has enabled Lamborghini to successfully launch other product lines that have always given it an edge. The case of the Lamborghini 002 or the ‘Rambo Lambo’ is a good example to highlight the strategy.

Launched in 1986, the Lamborghini LM002 was the successor of the ‘Cheetah’ military vehicle that was meant for customers working in rugged conditions. However, the Lamborghini LM002 was designed specially as an off-the-road luxury SUV for the premium customers.  

The LM002 has been undergoing upgradations ever since it was launched and now the car maker has launched the Lamborghini Urus, the successor of the LM002.

The Lamborghini Urus

The Lamborghini Urus’s concept car was first unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show in 2012.  The newly launched Urus is perfectly similar to the concept car and it has also borrowed featured from other Lamborghini vehicles like the LM002. The hood and the rear glass has diagonal lines that have been borrowed from those on Countach. The hexagonal wheel arches of the Lamborghini Urus have been inspired by the ones in LM002. The Urus’s 2/3 body and 1/3 window ratio makes it an unmistakable Lamborghini supercar. The Urus will get Pirelli tires that will be mounted on 21-23 inches wheels.

The Engine

The Lamborghini Urus’s 4.0 litre V-8 engine is the main reason for which customers are going to buy the SUV. This is because the twin-turbocharged engine delivers 650 hp and 627 pound-torque to the vehicle thereby making it the fastest SUV till date. The Urus has an all-wheel-drive system that is maneuvered by an 8-speed automatic transmission system.

The SUV promises a comfortable journey on an off-road track due to its carbon-ceramic brakes, active roll stabilization, adaptive air suspension and 4-wheel steering. Moreover, the SUV will be demonstrating superior dynamics due to active torque vectoring. The Lamborghini Urus will take 3.6 seconds to sprint from 0-62 mph and it has a maximum speed of 190 mph.

Demand in the Middle East

The Lamborghini LM002 was specifically designed for the rugged desert terrain where oil production facilities were set up. It was touted that almost every royal household in the Middle East owned a LM002. Considering the legacy of its predecessor, the Lamborghini Urus has good prospects in middle eastern market like Dubai.  The regional launch in the UAE will take place in 2018 and the SUV will have a base price tag of AED 858,473.

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