Why the Toyota Hilux is being reincarnated as a multi-purpose vehicle?

Why the Toyota Hilux is being reincarnated as a multi-purpose vehicle?

UAE is one of the largest oil producer in the world and hence it is very common to see workers in Dubai driving to work in a pickup truck.  All the major car makers have launched their pickup trucks in the region. However, it is the Toyota Hilux that has gained unprecedented popularity in the region. 
Toyota Hilux is not only popular amongst construction workers and business owners but also farmers who use the vehicle to perform their daily tasks. In fact, the vehicle has become popular even amongst armed forces due to the fact that soldiers can mount even heavy weapons on the tough vehicle. Moreover, the vehicle has earned a reputation for its speed and maneuverability.
The popularity of the Toyota Hilux is ever-increasing and it is a market leader in countries like South Africa where the truck is popularly referred to as a ‘bakkie’.  Gradually, the Toyota Hilux has begun to gain acceptance more as a family car that can also be used for leisure.

A vehicle for leisure

The Toyota Hilux is now being viewed as multi-purpose vehicle that can also be used for carrying families who are on a vacation. The pickup truck not only carries excessive baggage but also loads of adventures gear like tents, backpacking bags, chairs, sleeping bags and sporting goods. The vehicle’s association with adventure activities uniquely positions it to compete with SUV’s as well. 
 In rural areas, farmers are putting the Hilux to use for all practical purposes. For example, the farmers are relying on the vehicle to transport an entire flock of sheep from one place to another.  It appears that Toyota has taken cues from the market because the company has been lately introducing models that can cater to a wider customer base. 

A family vehicle

Toyota Hilux is as spacious as any other family vehicle and it also has a greater seating capacity than a sedan. The extra legroom, the sturdiness and the vast storage space makes Toyota Hilux a vehicle that is apt form transporting large families. Considering that the pickup truck is poised to become a luxury plaything, one can expect Toyota to equip the upcoming versions of Hilux with high-end features and amenities.