10 most satisfying cars that will woo car buyers in Dubai

10 most satisfying cars that will woo car buyers in Dubai

The car market is dictated by the whims and fancies of today’s tech-savvy customers. Almost every car company is striving to entice its targeted customers by introducing features and performance upgrades that make their vehicles unique and appealing.

However, customers mainly judge vehicle on the basis of their overall driving experience. Rarely does it occur, that a passenger will rate a car depending on a single factor. The quality of service delivered by the vehicle depends on a number of factors, namely driving performance, comfort, styling, audio and connectivity systems.

It is clear that every customer wishes to purchase a car that provides overall customer satisfaction. With a view to help customers, Consumer Reports has conducted a survey to identify the top 10 car models that can be labelled as being ‘most satisfactory’. The survey was conducted amongst the subscribers of Consumer Reports.

Top 10 most satisfying cars

  1. Tesla Model S (Luxury electric car)
  2. Porsche 911 (High performance sports car)
  3. Chevrolet Corvett (Luxury sports car)
  4. Lincoln Continental (Luxury sedan)
  5. Ford F-350 (Military Grade Truck)
  6. Mazda MX-5 Miata (Roadster)
  7. Toyota Prius (Hybrid electric sedan)
  8. Tesla Model X (Electric luxury SUV)
  9. Honda Odyssey (Family minivan)
  10. Dodge Challenger (Sports car)

Relevance to the Dubai car market

The survey conducted by Consumer Reports might be pertinent to the US car market but the rankings are relevant to the Dubai market as well. Regional markets like the Middle East have always projected a high demand for luxury cars and especially sports cars due to the high paying capacity of the customers. There are a large number of American expats and a huge section of Emiratis prefer to import cars from foreign countries.

In a positive development, Tesla Motors has managed to gain a foothold in the cash-rich Dubai market. Dubai’s Roads and Transport authorities have included Tesla vehicles in their taxi fleet and companies like Uber have also a fleet of Tesla cars to serve their customers. With a high satisfaction rating and the backing of the Dubai government, Tesla Motors is geared up to further establish itself in the Middle East.

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