2018 Volkswagen Teramont may prove to be a game changer in the Dubai market

2018 Volkswagen Teramont may prove to be a game changer in the Dubai market

Volkswagen has always focussed on the compact SUV segment and the company has won accolades for designing functionally excellent SUV’s like the Tiguan, the Passat and the Touareg. However, it was yet to launch a spacious seven-seater SUV that had 3 rows of seats. The German automaker had previewed a full-size crossover way back in 2013.

However, it was only in November 2016 that Volkswagen launched the Atlas as its first full-size SUV. Currently, the 2018 version of the SUV is being sold and the vehicle is marketed as the Volkswagen Teramont in the Middle East and the Chinese markets. The Volkswagen Teramont made its debut in the UAE at the 2017 Dubai Motor Show. A test drive of the Volkswagen Teramont on a rugged terrain clearly accentuates the following key selling points of the much awaited SUV that is poised to prove competitive in the Middle East market.


Hugely Spacious

The Teramont delivers on its promise as customers get the a spacious vehicle that is worth their money.  All of its rows are super-spacious and the driver as well as the shotgun seats have been given deep cushions.  The second row offers more legroom due to the fore-and-aft adjustment as well as the reclining backrest.

Unlike most of the full-size SUV’s, the third row of the Teramont is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate two adults. Moreover, the third row seats are accessible even with a child seat strapped to the second row.  Additionally, the second row can be slided forward to create an extra space for the third row passengers.


As good as a Grand Touring vehicle

Earlier, Volkswagen has declared that the company will never build a SUV that will be a GTI variant. However, the Volkswagen Teramont is actually a GTI underneath the chassis. The vehicle is built on the MQB architecture and the entry level Teramont is equipped with a engine that has been borrowed from the GTI. 

The entry level SUV has a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that delivers 235 hp. The premium version of the Teramont has a 3.6-litre V6 engine that delivers 276 hp. The top level versions has a starting price of AED 180,000 while the starting version will have a base price of AED. The Teramont is competitively priced in comparison to its rivals like Toyota Prado and Honda Pilot and the vehicle is worth its price due to the advanced features, sound system and a wide range of connectivity options available.

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