Revealed The list of cars and other vehicles that are cheapest to maintain

Revealed The list of cars and other vehicles that are cheapest to maintain

Owning a car in Dubai is a necessity because of the long distances that need to be traversed . Additionally, Dubai offers limited public transport options that increase dependency on vehicles. The Middle East is one of the largest car markets in the world as there is a high demand for luxury cars. Moreover, a large number of expats in regions like Dubai find it cheaper to own stylish vehicles that are usually expensive in their home country.  It is important to note that there exists a thriving resale car market in Dubai.

Usually, expats consider a large number of factors while buying a used or a new car. Starting price of the car is not the only factor that influences the decision and buyers need to consider the maintenance and service costs of the vehicle that they are likely to own.  Maintenance costs vary from car to car and there is a strong possibility that high as well as recurrent servicing costs derail your maintenance budget.

It is for this reason that every buyer wishes to have a list of vehicles that are considered cheapest to maintain. Now, has revealed the list of top 10 vehicles that are have very low maintenance cost.  The list has been prepared on the basis of the Repair Cost Index scores obtained by various car models. maintains a database of all the cars and it has calculated the Repair Cost Index for each car on the basis of the total costs incurred while servicing the car models.  The costs included the cost of the parts as well as the labour costs incurred while servicing the vehicles.  The data was compiled by gathering data from various repair facilities like private garages as well as the dealers’ servicing center.

Following is the list of vehicles that are considered as cheapest to maintain:

  1. Toyota Corolla (Average Annual maintenance cost: $341)
  2. Honda Accord (Average Annual maintenance cost: $351)
  3. Honda CR-V (Average Annual maintenance cost: $385)
  4. Toyota Tacoma (Average Annual maintenance cost: $398)
  5.  Honda Odyssey (Average Annual maintenance cost: $403)
  6.  Nissan Pathfinder (Average Annual maintenance cost: $406)
  7. Ford Mustang (Average Annual maintenance cost: $454)

On the other hand, the Mercedes GLS63, the Mercedes SL63 AMG, the Porsche Cayenne and the Mercedes C300 are some of the vehicles that are most expensive to maintain.

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