Good news for UAE drivers

Good news for UAE drivers

Rewards are better than punishments. Based on this principle the UAE has established a happiness ministry which in turn has launched the Happiness patrol project that is disgned to reward people for good behavior on the roads. Now the UAE  supported its initiative by rolling out the white points system that was used in Dubai only to all Emirates.

The white point system is used to encourage drivers in the UAE to abide to traffic rules to reduce the number of car accidents on the roads.

The white points apply when a driver hasn’t committed any traffic violations including Salik fines. The driver gets rewarded a maximum of 12 white points every year, which is 1 white point for every month without any traffic violations. Those points can be redeemed in many different ways including paying off some of the fines.

If a driver earns white points for 5 years in a raw they can enter into a raffle draw.

If someone has 24 black points due to a serious offence and the driver’s license was suspended, that person will not qualify for any white points for an entire year, starting on the day the driver's license suspension is revoked.

If someone is driving a vehicle that is owned by someone else (Family, Friend…etc.) and commits a violation, both the driver and the owner of the vehicle will forego any white points for that month.

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