In pictures: the new Toyota Supra is being tested

In pictures: the new Toyota Supra is being tested

Most of car makers test their cars in Nurburgring, Germany. And from the video below we can see the second generation of the long-awaited Supra is being tested in Nurburgring, which is expected to be in the market very soon.

Nurburgring is known as one of the toughest racing circuits around the world hence Toyota is testing the new Supra there to try the car on sharp turns at high speeds.

Its also worth to mention that BMW and Toyota have joined forces for the development of their next-gen supercars the Supra and the Z5.

Its most likely that the new Supra will have  6 cylinders Turbocharged Hybrid engine which will be able to produce up to 400 horsepower. It’s also expected that the new Supra will have an automatic gear setup which won’t be liked by a lot of car guys but its seems that most of automakers are moving towards an automatic gear supercars.

For the looks the new car will have a shape that is inspired by the great looking Toyota FT-1 which was unveiled in Detroit motor show in 2014.

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