The 2018 Chevrolet Traverse RS: Much more than space and power

The 2018 Chevrolet Traverse RS: Much more than space and power

Chevrolet has decided to beef up its 2018 midsize SUV product line by including a turbocharged version in addition to five trim levels. Touted as an SUV for ‘Rally Sport’, the 2018 Chevrolet Traverse RS is a high-end variant that looks sportier than other variants and its exterior look may prove to be just one of its key selling points.


The Looks

Competitively priced at $43,095, the 2018 Chevrolet Traverse RS has been adorned with sporty elements that accentuate its sportiness. The vehicle’s grille, roof rails, window trims as well as the bowtie emblems have all been stylized in black color and the SUV looks as if it were ‘born to race’.

The RS version also gets a set of LED daytime running lights along with HID headlamps. Moreover, the SUV’s 20-inch aluminum wheels really make the RS stand out due to the Dark Android finish. The RS also get active aero shutters which dynamically improve aerodynamic performance and the fuel economy.


The Turbocharger

The 2018 Traverse RS gets 257 hp of power and 295 pound-feet of torque by 2-liter turbocharged Ecotec engine. The engine is paired with a 9-speed automatic transmission system that plays an important role in delivering the fuel economy of 26 mpg on the highway and 20 mpg within the city.

The SUV is equipped with all the standard infotainment features available in rest of the variants that have come with a more powerful V6 engine.


Unique Positioning

The spacious but high-priced Traverse High Country will prove to be a natural choice of any customer who values space above anything else.  On the other hand, customers wishing to buy a powerful midsize SUV will gravitate towards Ford Explorer Sport or the Dodge Durango R/T.  

There are a plethora of affordable midsize SUV’s like the Honda Pilot, Hyundai Santa Fe, Mazda CX-9, Nissan Pathfinder and Toyota Highlander that will appeal to buyers who prefer economy. So where does the 2018 Traverse RS fit in the scheme of things?

It is clear that the SUV will appeal to car enthusiasts who wish to own a stylish and a speedy midsize SUV that will zoom on Dubai roads. The SUV has the pull to steal customers from competitors offering non-sporty SUV’s. Currently, the 2018 Chevrolet Traverse RS is not available in the Dubai midsize SUV market and it needs to be imported.

Is there any other perky midsize SUV which can rival the Traverse RS in the Dubai car market? Will Chevrolet’s positioning strategy pave way for success? Please let us know your opinions by posting your comments below.

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