Second-Hand Car in Dubai: How to Avoid Scams While Selling Your Car?

Second-Hand Car in Dubai: How to Avoid Scams While Selling Your Car?

UAE is known for its one of the largest markets of second-hand cars in the world. Unfortunately, it gives birth to car scams as well. There is no doubt that buying a second-hand car in Dubai will save thousands of Dirham’s of a buyer, but a little negligence can vanish thousands of Dirham’s of a seller.
Every day, we all hear about car scams in news, newspapers these days, due to which it becomes difficult for a person to trust the suppliers. But, with little information and some precautions, yet there is a hope that can save you from frauds. In this guide, we are going to discuss the safety measurements that you can take while buying a second-hand car.
How to avoid happening of car scams?

1.    Ask certified cheque only:

It is a common scam observed when buyers give personal cheques which further gets a bounce. In this situation, you only left with the options of a police station and court, and wastage of your valuable time and money. If you do not want to sell your car at free of cost, then it is mandatory that you ask for a certified manager's cheque only or cold hard cash.

2.    Say no to installments:

A buyer can ask you to pay monthly installments for his/her convenience. But, if he/she stops paying the installments, what will you do? Well, you have no way to collect it, because you have already given him/her the rights to own your car. Therefore, cue the warning bells and ask for the payment in one go. You can let the finance work leave on banks and other financing institution too.

3.    Identifying fraudulent buyers:

Suppose, if a buyer is trying to reach you through classified ads or similar way, but reluctant to meet you, then don't go for such deals. Such persons can offer you more price than the market value and try to convince you that a friend will take your car for a test drive and give it back to you after some time, then it is crucial to keep a distance from such offers as it can be a fishing bait.
These are the precautions and awareness that you can use while selling your second-hand car in Dubai. Many of us don't spend the time to understand such small things while selling a car. Let the Steerzy help you in selling in your as this is the place where all possibilities of fraud and insecurity eliminate. For more details visit https://steerzy.com/