The new Toyota Supra: To be reborn as a Japanese supercar

The new Toyota Supra: To be reborn as a Japanese supercar

The Toyota Supra has always been one of the most popular grand tourers (GT) that ruled supreme before the rise of SUVs. However, the growing demand for SUVs had forced Toyota to discontinue Supra to focus on new strategic direction.

The speculations regarding the relaunch of the famous grand tourer were recently confirmed when the conceptual model of the next-generation Toyota Supra (A90) was recently unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show.  The actual model of the GT will be unveiled at the 2019 Detroit Motor Show.  


Collaboration with BMW

Even though it is co-developed by Toyota and BMW, the Toyota Supra has been endowed with Toyota-inspired design elements.  The Supra will continue to remain as a car that carries the heritage of powerful Japanese cars. Toyota has specifically collaborated with the BMW to utilize the German carmakers' technological competency of developing a turbocharged six-cylinder engine.  Toyota used to develop straight-six engines but it no longer does that.

Additionally, BMW will be developing the engine for the ‘front-engine-rear-drive layout of the Supra. Toyota has confirmed that the engine will be a recalibrated BMW engine; hence there is strong possibility that the car will get BMW M3’s twin-turbo engine that delivers 450 bhp.


Born to race

Toyota Supra’s exteriors have been designed to make it appear as an aggressive race car. Toyota has used lightweight materials to design various parts of the Supra GT. Plastic has been used to make windshield and side windows. Additionally, the car has been made faster due to its lower suspension, BBS racing wheels, and Michelin tires.

Just like its exteriors, the Supra’s interiors are specially designed to cater to car racing needs. The interior cabin has been equipped with a racing driver’s seat, full roll cage, a responsive steering wheel along with paddle shifts. Additionally, the car gets brake lines, battery, and pedals that have been designed for racing competitions.

The Toyota Supra has a dedicated customer base in Dubai that vouches for the Japanese GT.  The arrival of the next-generation Toyota Supra is sure to grow the community quickly.  The upcoming Supra will be competing with the likes of Acura NSX, Audi R8, BMW i8 and Porsche 911. Will the Supra live up to its heritage by taking on its rivals? You can share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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