Subaru breaks a new record

Subaru breaks a new record

Subaru just ook the WRX STI  Type RA  NBR Special to Nurburgring racetrack and broke the record of the fastest 4 door sedan to finish the lap in 6:57.5, which is just half a second less than the Porsche 918 spyder Hypercar.

However this car is specially built car to promote the new, track ready STI Type RA street car and it’s not for sale. And to make it ready for Nurburgring racetrack, Subaru has upgraded the car to make it able to produce 600 horsepower from a 2.0 liter WRC-spec flat four engine, at 8,500 rpm, which is 50 housepower more than the same car made last year. The car has a rally-spec sequential gear-box that is capable of shifting gears in 20 to 25 milliseconds.

Subaru has also installed Nurburgring-focused aerodynamic package to provide 6650 pounds of downforce when the car hit its top also has power-adjustable rear wing and 9-inch wide slick tires at all corners.

We also would like to note that the 2017 WRX has a 2.5 liter turbocharged AWD engine that can produce up to 305 hp with a price tag starting from 36,000 US Dollars.

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