2018 Mercedes CLS has a new look

2018 Mercedes CLS has a new look

The new Mercedes CLS to be launched in 2018

Mercedes Benz CLS is all set to pave its way to the market next year. Expected to continue the rich legacy left behind its predecessors, the car would be a four door sedan enriched with the goodness of a couple like styling. The car derives its foundation from the E-class which makes it lighter, longer and roomier than ever before.

All geared up to ride on the company's Modular rear architecture, the CLS successor underpins the renovated E-class which took the world by storm this year. As our secret sources reveal, the car's styling has evolved to pave way for a much stylish model which won't easily depart from the outgoing design. The car would be loaded with the goodness of semi-autonomous driving features that make it a joy-ride to experience.

A wagon load of speculations surround the car's launch as it could be showered upon a brand new inline 6-cylinder engine which could replace the V-6 that lays the foundation stone in the CLS line up. While some experts expect the Auto-giants to leave the wagon behind, others speculate the designer's may drop shooting-brake and body style to set the yardsticks for the next generation cars.

It is also believed that Mercedes could split up the trademark CLS to pave way for a four-door sedan developed from AMG. The car could also be renamed to CLE, but there is no official confirmation yet. Only the car's official first glance later this year could bring the speculations and predictions to rest. Till then, fingers crossed!

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