Ex- Fangio Maserati 300-S to be auctioned for a hefty price tag

Ex- Fangio Maserati 300-S to be auctioned for a hefty price tag

As described by Stirling Moss, the Maserati's champion driver in 1956: Maserati 300S was one of the nicest and best -balanced sports-racing cars of his generation. Unleashed as a firm competition to the sports cars from Ferrari and Jaguar, Maserati 300S comes loaded with the goodness of 6 cylinder twin overhead camshaft engine which was powerful within its class. The car derives its chassis from Vittorio Bellentani’s brilliant design – which proved relatively light and most importantly – it catered good handling and nimble driving experience.  The car is packed with the best attributes of the 2-liter A6GCS complimented by the latest 2.5-liter Formula1 Maserati 250F. 

From 1955 to 1959 the company manufactured as many as 26 300S sports-racing cars which were unleashed in three broad variants, each one being much better than its predecessor. The vintage auto giant’s first prototype featured 2.5-liter sports car engine which made the foundation stone towards building the full 3-liter 300S which worked wonders to deliver power equivalent to 240 horses at 7,200rpm. The prototype was co-driven by Juan Manuel Fangio and Onofre Marimon upon its debut in the Supercortemaggiore Grand Prix at Monza Autodrome. 

Of the first batch of five 300S cars to be manufactured by the company, three were directed towards the American market. These cars were considered too flexible and so modified that they emerged with what was rated by many top-notch drivers as being the best handling of all mid-1950s sports-racing cars.

One of the most sought after sports car of all time, 300S caters a fabulous opportunity to compete in a wagon load of retrospective historic events. The journey which was flagged off by the veteran Fangio, has been continued passionately by his successors including its current custodian.

The car goes on an auction in August this year and you could be the next person to join that roster and continue its rich legacy. The 20th annual ‘Bonhams Quail Lodge Auction’ will be an historic event in auction history, and is all set to be held on 18th of August.  An estimated price of $6,000,000 - 7,000,000 could be your winning bid to own one of the greatest sports cars of all time.

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