Audi takes a step towards the future with its new Artificial Intelligence tech

Audi takes a step towards the future with its new Artificial Intelligence tech

Audi has gone an extra mile to unveil the all new 2018 Audi A8, the auto-giant's largest and the most luxury studded sedan which is scheduled to take the market by storm this fall. Does the car deliver exceptional power? Yes! What about the style and comfort? Simply outclass. But it is the car's standout technology which compliments its driving capability amazingly well.

The car has taken a giant leap towards a comprehensive autonomous driving system known as the ‘Audi AI Traffic Jam Pilot’. This system works wonders to assist the car controlling in slow-moving traffic at a speed up to 37.3 MPH (60 Kmph). The system intelligently monitors acceleration in addition to managing the vehicle's steering and braking system. This empowers the driver to take his hands off the steering wheel and take a rejuvenating break.

Diving deeper within the car's autonomous features, we realize that the driver's presence is no longer required within the car while it automatically parks and retrieves itself from a given parking space.

And the best part: The high-tech sedan could be to whatever location you call it via the smartphone app.

The car is jam packed with luxurious fourth-generation interiors which are designed like a lavish lounge. The car is showered upon an improved cabin space.

The rich-look leather seats showcase a massage function complimented by an extra-comfortable head restraint. Furthermore, the 2018 Audi A8 comes loaded with the goodness of an optional relaxation seat, which incorporates multiple adjustment options. Infact, the occupants could make phone calls and control the lighting within the car via an OLED display which is located in the rear center armrest.

The American markets shall feature the car with 460 hp and a 4.0-liter turbocharged V8. So, this fall tighten your seatbelts to embrace the revolutionary A8.


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