BMW X7 2018

BMW X7 2018

X series.

The BMW X series is the perfect for those who want driving pleasure along with safety, comfort, and style. BMW X series is one of the best options to enjoy 4X4 jeep and car experience at the same time. X series is top series released and sold by BMW every year.


BMW X7 is essentially seven series shaped as SAV, the competition of BMW X7 is against  Mercedes Benz GL/GLS, upcoming Audi Q8, Also Range Rover, Cadillac Escalade, and Lincoln Navigator are included in competitors.

BMW X7 is launched this year for the first time. In 2014 it was confirmed that BMW x7 would be out for sale in 2018, with more facilities than X1 X3 X5 and X6 savs. Like the X5, the X7 will be assembled in South Carolina.

BMW X7 2018

Since the features of BMW X7 2018 are out on the chart, the X series followers are so satisfied with them. And this is said to be the best SAV model by the BMW till now.

Platform: BMW X7 2018 has a platform built upon the largest rear wheel drive platform but it also provides four wheel drive experience, the upcoming X7 will have cutting edge connectivity, its features also include driver-assistance and infotainment systems.The BMW X7 2018 in not a jeep but the customers are allowed to imagine those off-road tracks as nothing more than smooth parking lots.

Engine: Probably the engine lineup of BMW X7 2018 will be a mirror to the seven series, you have the choice of six-cylinder petrol and diesel models, powerful eight cylinder variants and a plug in hybrid option will probably be included. Later on, the range topping V12 option may make an appearance along with an X7M variant that may use an eight cylinder turbo charged engine ـ same as found in M5 saloon.

Speed: When it comes to reviewing a car the most asked question is speed the estimated speed of all new BMW X7 2018 is 155 mph ( miles per hour) with the acceleration of 1-60 mph in just 7 seconds which is pretty normal in front of other competitors.

Interior: BMW has announced that X7 18 will be the most luxurious SAV they’ve ever produced. It is said that the interior will look like the interior in current seven series, this means it will introduce an autonomous driving feature, Gesture controlled I-drive system– In which you can control the infotainment system with mid-air movementsـ  and the trim will be wood and leather through out.

Price and release: The BMW could release the X7 at the 2017 Frankfurt motor show in September along with the upcoming three series and eight series models. If it’s revealed in Frankfurt, it could go on sale in late 2018. We expect entry level 6-cylinder models to set you back in the region of £65,000 and hybrids will probably demand at least £70,000.

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