McLaren geared up to unleash an all electric car

McLaren geared up to unleash an all electric car

McLaren- the British Auto-giants are raring to introduce an all-electric car matching the yardsticks of the revolutionary 675LT. Even though, company hasn’t released an official date for the electric car’s launch but it most likely to storm the market after the launch of P15 later this year. It is most likely to be the part of the brand’s breathtaking ‘ultimate series’.

Initially, it plans to manufacture five examples of the car and request a selection of the McLaren’s owners to drive them as a part of the car’s development process.

McLaren’s profound experience in developing the marquee P1 hyper car, and a valuable role in supplying the power trains to the Formula E racing cars would assist them developing the all electric road car. What helps McLaren build its confidence for the revolutionary car is the fact: From 2018, the brand will supply a new battery that will empower the Formula E cars to finish the race in just one charge. A battery of this calibre will definitely translate well to a performance-effective electric road car.

The company plans to bring about the hybrid revolution to its Sports and Super series cars first, which would all be electrified by 2020 and 2021. Utilizing its flagship battery technology effectively, the car makers would gradually turn the electric car into a believable reality.

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