Get set to embrace the Sportier and Faster BMW i3s

Get set to embrace the Sportier and Faster BMW i3s

In a bid to take the electric i3 to newer heights in the auto world, BMW has introduced a series of upgrades to unveil the faster version of the electric car.

So, the red muscular car you glimpse in the pictures is none other than the BMW i3s (yes, a little‘s’ suffix). The updated version of the car makes use of the same capacity battery, just like the regular i3, but generates more power than its predecessor. As the standard version of the i3 produces 168bhp, the i3s goes a notch-higher to produce 181bhp which is a modest gain.

It doesn’t matter how modest is the increase; it still helps the i3s to increase its top speed by 6mph, to 99mph. The car reaches from zero to 62mph in 6.9sec, dropping the time by 0.4sec.

The makers have incorporated the i3s with tightly drawn suspension setup with a ride height drop. To improve the handing, the wheels are placed 40mm further apart at each axle. What makes the standard i3’s a fun-filled drive is how it steers so well on its skinny tyres coupled with the relatively low grip limits.

The all new i3s paves its way into the market as a pure electric car loaded with the goodness of a realistic 125-mile range or simply a range-extender backed by a compact petrol engine which powers the batteries when they run flat, but not actually powering the car’s wheels.

The updated i3 is expected to enter the market at the starting price of £34,070, whereas the sportier i3s would cost almost £3,000 more, at £36,975. If you are looking for a range extender in spite of a pure EV, then you can another £3000.

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