Welcoming the New Nissan 370Z with minor upgrades

Welcoming the New Nissan 370Z with minor upgrades

The Japanese carmaker, Nissan incorporated minor updates to their long running horse, the 370Z to unleash the improved version of the car. Undergone a midlife update, the sports coupe boasts some visual changes and a handful of mechanical adjustments.

Focusing our attention on the exteriors, the company has blessed the car with the newly added blackened door handles in addition to the rear diffuser. The car-giants travelled an extra mile to bolster the 370Z’s sporty look; it also features smoked headlamps complimented by the tail lamps as standard. The car now rests upon the newly designed set of 19-inch alloy wheels.

What drew our attention inside is the seven-inch infotainment touch screen which showcases a SAT-NAVIGATION system, a screen for the rear view camera and not to forget: A DVD player. (Well, you read it correctly!) Addition of the DVD player in a two door sports car is an absolute surprise package.

The sole mechanical tweak observed in the updated 370Z is the high performance clutch by EXEDY. Nevertheless, the EXEDY clutch could only be availed in manual transmission and is known to cater a precise downshift with reduced driver pedal effort.

Expected to hit the market at £29,185., 370Z is still powered by the same 3.7-litre V6 engine generating the power equivalent to 323 horses – a clear take away from its predecessor. The power is transmitted towards the rear wheel through a choice of six speed manual gearbox or a seven speed automatic gearbox.

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