Life saving tips for driving in the winter

Life saving tips for driving in the winter

Bad weather should not impair your driving pleasure and at the same time it should not compromise your driving safety either. Knowing what to do when you have to drive in the dark or in heavy rains is important for you to drive with confidence and to respond quickly when road or visibility conditions create a dangerous situation. Here are some tips that can save your life and that of other using the road alongside you when you are driving in the rain.

1- Check the weather reports when you need to embark on a long drive.  If you know that it is expected to rain, you can choose the roads that are better lighted or that are less congested so that your ability to drive safely is enhanced. You can even choose routes that may get you home faster, before the rain starts.

2- Get your vehicle checked periodically by a trusted mechanic to ensure that all vital parts, including brakes, windshield wipers and steering are working in perfect condition and are responsive, in the way they are designed to be. Ahead of rainy season or winter season, get a thorough check done with special instructions to verify that the vehicle is road worthy in difficult conditions.

3- Check your tires to make sure they are not too worn to give you good grip on slick, wet roads. This should be a periodic check that you conduct on your tires to know when they need to be changed. If you are not sure, get your mechanic to evaluate them for you. Remember that if the tires are worn down and treads are practically non- existent, your car may side slip on wet roads if you apply the brakes quickly to avoid collision. This can be even more dangerous than the collision itself.

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