2018 Nissan Armada Premium Reserve finally inches closer to QX80

2018 Nissan Armada Premium Reserve finally inches closer to QX80

When Nissan launched a newer version of the Armada SUV in 2017, the model was immediately compared to Infiniti QX80; its premium luxury SUV.  It came as a surprise to see that both the models shared almost everything including the interiors. However, there was one big difference that made the QX80 worthier than the Armada. The Infiniti’s interiors had better finishing and they used materials that were more luxurious than those that were used in the Armada.  The difference was so conspicuous that the 2017 Nissan Armada was labeled as the ‘poor man’s Infiniti QX80’.   Determined to remove this label, Nissan has launched 2018 Nissan Armada Platinum reserve that looks fancier and more stylish than its previous version. The SUV was unveiled at the 2017 Texas State Fair.

And the Armada has been endowed with new features that bring it closer to the Infiniti QX80. The new Platinum version of the Armada has custom interior finishes that include two-tone leather-appointed seats with unique stitching.  The interior cabin is also wood trimmed with style. Moreover, the new Armada has a video-streaming rearview mirror and it will be Nissan’s first vehicle to have an ‘Intelligent Rearview’.

Like its predecessors, the new Armada Premium is equipped with a 5.6-liter V-8 engine that offers 390 hp and 8500 pounds towering power. The single powertrain along with a seven-speed automatic transmission system helps the SUV to race from 0-60 mph in just 5.9 seconds. Despite the bells and tinkles, the new Armada hasn’t promised any improvement in fuel economy and hence the Armada still lags behind its major competitors like Sequoia, Tahoe and Expedition. However, none of these competitors deliver a premium built-in entertainment system as premium as the Armada. The Armada Platinum Reserve has a base price of $62,985 for the rear-wheel-drive version and $65,885 for a four-wheel-drive version.  

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