Rezvani Tank One of the Best Heavy-Duty SUVs

Rezvani Tank One of the Best Heavy-Duty SUVs

In a world where major car manufacturers are striving to design sleek sports cars, the only car company that aims to come out with beastly designs is Rezvani Automotive Designs (RAD). The latest beast from the RAD stable is the newly launched Rezvani Tank which is sure to garner attention as its bulky body races on the road.

In essence, the Tank is in fact a modified the Jeep Wrangler that has been imparted a military look.  A mere glimpse of the Tank builds the perception of a big military tank rolling down the road. The Tank will be boosted by 6.4-liter V8 pumping that delivers a power of 500 hp and a torque of 430 pound-feet. The Tank comes equipped with a ballistic armor and a thermal camera that provides night vision.  The perfectly molded hood and the highly stylized rear door have given a sturdy look to the exteriors.  A rooftop LED lights guarantee additional illumination while driving at night.

Given its rugged features, the Tank is a suitable choice for anyone who desires to drive a heavy-duty vehicle on a rough terrain or on a sand dune. At $178,000, this extreme-SUV comes with a four-wheel drive system that can be customized to meet on-road as well as off-road demands.  The Tank can be customized for off-road driving and this version comes with additional ground clearance, a better suspension and bulkier tires.

Despite its sturdy exteriors, Rezvani Tank offers a luxurious driving experience thanks to the interiors that have been borrowed straight from the Jeep Wrangler. Moreover, customers can opt for an additional package that offers suede headliner and leather upholstery. And to top of it all, the Tank comes with a head-up display in addition to a 7.9-inch infotainment system that provides all the important information with the help of apps like Google Maps, Pandora and Stitcher.

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