Amr Zahran designs the first local Egyptian sports car

Amr Zahran designs the first local Egyptian sports car

The cash-rich car market of the Middle East has always relied on European car makers like BMW and Mercedes to fulfil the desire of luxurious driving. However, many people are unaware of the fact that the Middle East also has a community of expert car designers who can rival the talent of those who design world-class sports car. Amr Zahran, the enterprising Egyptian, is one such designer who has dared to design an indigenous sports car that rivals like of the Ferrari’s as well as the Lamborghini’s.

Amr Zahran – The budding car designer

Amr Zahran became famous when he showcased his car design at Automech, the annual Egyptian motor show. Amr’s professional attitude is quite evident from the stylish and bold design of the car interior.  The 28-year-old Amr designed the entire car in his residence at Al-Obour city near Cairo and it took him five years to complete the task.

A childhood ambition

Amr was always inclined towards arts and designing since childhood. As a child, he used to design and paint a variety of vehicles. His childhood hobby laid the foundation for his professional pursuits. Later, he decided to pursue applied arts at the German University in Cairo and it is here that he got serious about designing a sports car. 

The idea of pursuing the project sparked in Amr’s mind when he travelled to Munich for witnessing the design of BMW cars. He wanted to work on his own car design as a part of his final year project but his professors refused to support his idea. Finally, Amr decided to pursue his dream all on his own when he also failed to garner support of the Industrial Development Authority

Way to go!

Amr overcame a number of hurdles while pursuing his passion. One of the biggest challenge was to obtain the funding necessary to drive the project. Amr’s project is entirely self-finance and he took the entire ownership while buying chassis, cutting it out and then fitting it with motor and other car gear.  Amr has plans to get his car licensed so that he can showcase it at Geneva International Motor Show.

It is worth mentioning here that the city of Dubai is a haven for budding car designers like Amr Zahran. In fact, the Dubai autodrome as well as the Dubai Motor Show are venues that often showcase unique indigenous designs. And who knows, one day we will get to see an Amr Zahran-inspired sports car zooming in on the Dubai race tracks.