2018 Infiniti Q Inspiration The sedan that will lead the electric car market

2018 Infiniti Q Inspiration The sedan that will lead the electric car market

Just a few weeks before the 2018 Detroit Motor Show kicked off, Infiniti launched a teaser campaign for generating excitement regarding its electric cars. The Japanese luxury car maker dropped teaser image of the Q Inspiration concept car.

The Q Inspiration is Infiniti’s premium electric sedan that will be taking on Tesla’s premium electric vehicles. The car will be showcased at the ongoing Detroit Motor Show and it will be hogging the spotlight along with the Prototype 9, Infiniti’s electric racing car.

The electric Infiniti was long expected since 2014 as the Japanese company was one of the pioneers to introduce electric vehicles to the market. The upcoming Infiniti Q Inspiration will be based on a bespoke EV platform which will be base for all the electric vehicles from Infiniti.

A new Infiniti look

The teaser image reveal that the Q Inspiration has been given a stylish look that is sportier than the previous versions of Infiniti. The car’s handsome looks have been accentuated by a sloping roofline and the long strip of rear lights. The car has a new grille and it is flanked by narrow front lights.

The roofline has been inspired by Porsche Panamera and its slope goes well with the vehicles ‘cab-forward’ look. The panoramic glass roof extends from the windscreen to traverse the complete length of the car’s body.


Design influenced by the electric architecture

Infiniti’s senior executives have revealed that the Q Inspiration will prove to be an ideal model for future Infiniti vehicles whose designs will be inspired by the car’s muscular chassis and elongated dimensions.

The proportions of the Q Inspiration are also different than those of previous Infiniti vehicles because the new EV architecture. The change in dimensions can be attributed to the specific placement of motors and batteries.

The motors are placed in the front and rear part of the vehicle while the electric batteries are placed under the floor. Currently, the performance details and the release dates haven’t been revealed and hence not much can be speculated with regard to the performance parameters.


Aiming to be the industry leader

With an advanced powertrain and a sleek design, the Infiniti Q Inspiration may very well enable the Japanese car company to realize its long cherished dream. Being an early entrant, Tesla Motors has a slight edge over the Infinity and hence the future will see the giants battling it out in high-potential markets like Dubai.

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