Top 7 vehicles with the most luxurious interiors

Top 7 vehicles with the most luxurious interiors

While the mass market is awaiting the launch of such futuristic vehicles, some of the wealthier and the more privileged customers in Dubai have already begun to enjoy the benefits of advanced cabin comfort systems that can make anybody envious. Following are some of the ultra-luxurious vehicles that have enabled premium customers to live the dream:

1- Bentley Bentayga Falconry

This luxury SUV is surely designed for a wealthy Emirati in Dubai who wishes to drive in it for a falconry expedition. The vehicle is designed to carry an entire master flight station that comprises of a stowage tray that are compartments for holding the GPS bird tracking unit, leather bird hoods, gauntlets and binoculars. 


2- Force 1 supercar

This car is designed by Henrik Fisker who has designed a handcrafted swanky cabin. The car has managed to garner attention not only for its 745 hp power but also for its in-cabin champagne holster that was never seen in a car industry.

3-Rolls Royce Phantom

The Phantom coupe has a specially designed dashboard that enabled enthusiastic art collectors to affix 3-D artworks of different materials behind the glass dashboard. Owners have the privilege to specially commission an artwork for their dashboard and hence Rolls Royce has labeled the ‘Phantom’ as the ‘most luxurious item’ in the world. 


4-  Bentley Mulsanne

The British carmaker boasts of making cars with the finest interiors and the Mulsanne isn’t out of the league. The car’s cabin features the best woodwork and the upholstery is made up of the finest leather. Apart from the air vent plungers, the foldable tables, and the refrigerated bottle cooler, the interiors are also equipped with airline style seats and removable backseat tablets. 


5- Mercedes Maybach S Class

This luxury car offers customer the choice to select in-car fragrance, upholstery and ambient lighting. The car also comes with a ‘seat memory package’ and a ‘seat comfort package’ that can be programmed to provide a comfortable massage. A ‘first class cabin’ package is designed to provide champagne flutes, individual rear seats, folding table and refrigerated compartment in the rear. 

6-   Rolls Royce Wraith Black Badge

This coupe proves the adage ‘customer is king’. Customers who buy the coupe can customize the interiors as per their luxurious needs.  The interiors can be personalized to look as bold and as dramatic as the car’s exteriors. 

7-Range Rover SV Autobiographer 

This luxury SUV provides the ultimate in-cabin entertainment that will eliminate the boredom of long journeys. The vehicle is equipped with two 8-inch HD TV’s and a CD/DVD player that can play crystal clear music through surround-sound speakers