The 2018 BMW X2: Is it a crossover worth waiting for?

The 2018 BMW X2: Is it a crossover worth waiting for?

Car enthusiasts have long been waiting for BMW to fill the niche between the affordable X1 and the premium X3. Finally, the wait was over when the 2018 BMW X2 was revealed in the US market at the 2018 Detroit Motor Show.  

As it was expected, the BMW X2 possesses a unique style and personality that lies somewhere between a sporty coupe and a typical BMW SUV. The crossover may not be as practical as the X1 but it surely offers the much-needed comfort that any car enthusiast will crave for.


Extremely Comfortable


The comfort provided by the BMW X2 is one of its key selling features its suspension as well the chassis makes the passengers completely immune to the potholes, bumpers and other uneven surfaces on the road.

The vehicle’s chassis is also strong enough to absorb the vibrations produced by the 2-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged engine that delivers 228 hp to models that are sold in the region outside the US. The models in the US get 187 hp from the turbo engine.

The vehicle can be handled with precision and it can be driven in three modes, namely comfort, sport and Eco Pro modes. The sports mode offers freedom from skid-control systems while the Eco-Pro mode puts restrictions while using the throttle.



The interiors are comfortable and the 470l luggage space can be increased by split-folding the rear seat. The BMW X2 definitely scores more than X1 as the upholstery strikes the right balance between luxury and economy.


Connectivity Features

The BMW will be equipped with the latest iDrive infotainment system that will functions like gesture control, voice command assistance and 360-degree surround camera system. The system also offers the opportunity to avail BMW’s ConnectedDrive services by using the inbuilt SIM card. Some of the key services that can be availed are BMW Teleservices, Internet Remote Services and Real Time Traffic Information system.


The Verdict

The crossover is ideally suited for buyers who cannot afford the X3 but who prefer comfort and style over practicality. Currently, the BMW X2 is not available in Dubai where it will be fiercely competing with the Audi Q3.

 As of now, it is difficult to ascertain whether the X2 will prove as successful as the athletic X3. Will the Dubai crossover market perceive the X2 to be as dynamic as the X3? Is it a crossover worth waiting for? Please let us know your thoughts about the BMW X2.

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